The cry of a Senator – Let us marry your daughters – @gbengaosowe

Protest in India against child marriage

Let us marry your daughters, the rich men say

The ones whom the little mound on their chest grow bigger day by day

We see them swing their beads-laden waist as they move in groups on their way to the stream,

Let us marry your daughters and you shall have pipe-borne water as you have always dreamed

Corrugated roofs over your heads, heads of cattle in your fields, we shall supply

All we ask is the hands of your girl-children to be our bride


Let us marry your daughters, the Senators say

Those ones we have kept out of school by our greed, our wives let them be

We have money to spend on their every need,

The best hospitals for their care, the most dedicated of maids at their behest

No more lack of food, we promise to treat them well

All we require is their juvenile bodies to warm our beds and keep us refreshed


You can have our daughters, I heard their fathers say

To be your companion in old age and stay with you till your hair is all grey

They’d give birth to boys and girls in your house, this day we pray

We ask not for much from you, our dear in-laws to be,

Only let us also marry your own daughters is all we say

Yes, let those daughters who school in distant lands be our brides

Watch them join us on our farms as we produce food for our clan

Let us reciprocate the love by marrying your daughters


Not my daughter, the Senator said

The Chief fumed at the thought of the words from “these peasants”

Our daughters have their lives to live, they chorused

And so do our daughters, the farmers said

If your daughters can’t be ours to join us on the farms

Then our daughters can’t be brides in your palaces

If you would marry our precious little daughters

Then let us also marry your daughters

By Osowe Oluwagbenga


12 responses to “The cry of a Senator – Let us marry your daughters – @gbengaosowe

  1. Gbam!!!!! Selfish human beings. Their own daughters obtain degrees abroad while they snatch little kids from the cradle to sleep with them

  2. desperation and wickedness… I can’t imagine the amount of distorted mentality behind such a move! Gbenga thanks for using the medium of poetry to paint a clear picture of where we stand..

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